​Providing our Community with Therapeutic Visits from the Heart...​

Wee Whinnies Therapeutic Minis is located just outside of Kalispell Montana, making the rounds in gorgeous Flathead Valley as well as the surrounding areas.

We are a volunteer driven, not for profit, organization dedicated to providing the joy of animal interactions between people of all ages and our very special miniature horses.

Our goal is for every visit made by these endearing little souls, to be uplifting and heartwarming.
When people, of all ages, meet our Wee Whinnies they immediately

feel their gentle, calm, and loving spirit.   

There is really just some thing extra special about the connection we make with animals that can bring about physical, emotional, and mental well being, even healing.

They are little horses with huge heart!

If you, or some one you know, would enjoy a visit from these little "angels with hooves",

please feel free to contact us.

Founded by...

Wee Whinnies Therapeutic Minis was founded in the Fall of 2010,

by Cassandra and Todd Wilson.

"I am very much an animal lover. We have three riding horses, seven miniature horses, three cats, two dogs, one llama, and a goat.
My critters are what keep me healthy, happy, and sane. I am thrilled to be able to do something with them now that allows me to share them with others." ~Cassandra  

Wee Whinnies Therapeutic Minis' Founders


The little man who started it all....he was the first Miniature Horse to join our family. Kozmo is a Strawberry Leopard Spotted Appaloosa.
He loves to have a job, so we trained him to drive and he can't get enough of it!

Therapy Visit Miniature Horse, Kozmo


Our Black Stallion in the herd. He has the kindest, gentlest demeanor you could ever imagine.
He does like to participate in parades, but his true calling is therapy work!

Therapy Visit Miniature Horse, Sammy


This little Bay Miniature Horse came  home along with Sammy, they have been lifelong buddies! He is extremely friendly, enjoys participating in parades, and his therapy work.
He will be learning to drive this summer.


Therapy Visit Miniature Horse, Hobbs

Me Jo

Our 2nd most "vertically challenged" in the herd, at just 30 inches.
Everybody loves our little Silver/Bay Pinto Miniature horse!
He is a wonderful therapy horse, and also enjoys driving as well as parades.


Therapy Visit Miniature Horse, Me Jo

Another tag-along, this flashy Sorrel Miniature Horse came into the family with his buddy Me Jo.
He will be finishing his driving training this summer, as well as starting his work as a therapy horse making visits.

Therapy Visit Miniature Horse, Dancer


This handsome, Black Leopard Spotted Appaloosa, came into the family as the best birthday surprise ever! He is a wonderful all around Miniature Horse... participates in parades, drives, and is an
incredibly sensitive therapy horse!​

Therapy Visit Miniature Horse, Domino
Therapy Visit Miniature Horse, Tonka Toy
Tonka Toy

This little 27 inch, Silver-Bay doll came to us from Joplin Missouri​! He was Donated by a very kind Lady who thought he would make the perfect little therapy horse.
He is currently in training, very sharp, and picking things up quickly!


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