Children's Program:

We also offer a special program here at the Ranch.

Working with a Special Education Counselor we have developed a curriculum that helps Children with a broad spectrum of special needs.

( i.e. Children that live with, but not limited to; Autism, Aspergers, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Blindness, Cancer, etc.

As well as those who may have emotional or behavioral disorders from circumstances such as abuse, neglect or abandonment.)

Our sessions can help build Children's Self-worth, Social and Communication skills, just to name a few.

~ Each course runs for approximately 10 weeks, weather permitting.

~ We keep enrollment down to six children per session, ensuring they get to spend special "Therapeutic Mini Time"

with their "own" Miniature Horse. This helps develop a trusting, caring bond.

~ These sessions benefit children who face challenges, and promotes self confidence and increased independence by allowing the child to interact through tasks such as grooming, handling, and feeding.  This attitude will carry over to school, family and social settings.

  Very often a child with special needs doesn't have a best friend. 

Our miniature horses do not judge, they seem to understand, allowing a trusting friendship to develop.

Wee Whinnies Therapeutic Minis wants to reach out to any child who may be "differently-abled", whether that condition is

emotional or physical, whether caused by disease, birth-defect, accident or circumstance.​

If you have, or know of, a child who could benefit from Miniature Horse Assisted Therapy sessions, please contact us for more information.